Maximize LinkedIn Traffic and Sales

Want to automate your LinkedIn activities? Sounds like an automation fantasy come true to me. Allowing me to simply input in a few parameters about a specific contact, my contacts automatically pull all their information for that contact from LinkedIn and present me with all the relevant details on my screen in real-time. That means I can now go through my entire LinkedIn account quickly and easily, taking away much of the manual labor associated with this important networking site.
The trouble I have is that many marketers think they are getting LinkedIn Automation software when in fact they’re getting the wrong tool for the job. Some marketers are so focused on getting the “perfect” LinkedIn tool that they forget to specify what “perfect” means. What I mean by this is that the tool should provide comprehensive capabilities for managing your LinkedIn profiles. However, beware of dashed expectations. You really want a tool that scrapes information from your profiles, pulls it up and organizes it in such a way that you can easily and quickly get to the specific information you need.
If marketers truly want to save time while also increasing the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, they must put their focus on functionality above design. After all, if you have a tool that doesn’t do anything, why bother having it at all? Thankfully, there are tools out there that will do just that. There are dozens of excellent tools available for marketers to choose from, ranging from premium services that charge a one-time fee for lifetime access to an impressive collection of sales, marketing and contacts expertise, to all-in-one E-commerce solutions that can be fully integrated with popular websites and social media platforms. If marketers are willing to invest the necessary time and effort to ensure that their automated LinkedIn accounts truly work, their productivity and profitability will increase dramatically.
A great example of how functionality goes a long way is LinkedIn’s real-time sales outreach automation. This innovative service automates the entire sales process, making it more effective and efficient than ever. First, a salesperson creates a profile and begins searching for qualified leads. Once a prospect is found, he or she can begin making introductions, receiving replies and closes, and eventually making an appointment to discuss the prospect’s needs and objectives. All of this is handled automatically by LinkedIn, leaving marketers free to focus on their own business.
Another way in which LinkedIn can benefit marketers is via the generation of leads. Using automation software, leads can be automatically generated and sent to appropriate parties. For instance, a company might use a system that sends a pre-written email to every contact on LinkedIn. The email contains links to the company’s website, product or service details, and an opt-in box for the interested person to complete. The LinkedIn contacts’ inboxes are automatically updated with new information, and they know that they have “connections” with the company through the links in the email. With this method, connections are built far beyond the usual network of personal contacts, resulting in higher conversion rates.
Finally, the use of LinkedIn automation software is a huge time saver. Unlike hiring a salesperson or other such professional who is in residence or responsible for maintaining hundreds of social accounts, the average business owner only maintains one profile. It is also difficult to keep track of client contact data, sales and marketing data, and other vital information. By using LinkedIn as a portal, managers and other decision-makers can access it from any location. In addition, the vast amount of data available makes it easy to find specific groups or categories, which can be targeted for improved marketing strategies.

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