Asbestos Surveys

An asbestos survey is usually a visual examination of a building. In a sample survey, an inspector will secure small samples of materials that are suspected to contain asbestos within a building. An asbestos survey must be carried out each time you buy a new domestic building before 1980, this will guarantee you and your loved ones’ long term protection to identify where the asbestos is and also how to avoid further exposure. If the asbestos suspected in your sample is confirmed to be present in your home, you should immediately seek advice from an accredited asbestos consultant to plan a removal and disposal plan as well as informing you on the legalities surrounding the asbestos situation.
Management Surveys is carried out by the owners / occupiers of occupied buildings to identify areas of concern. Some owners may wish to carry out the survey independently if they feel they are not experienced enough or they feel they could do it better themselves. The cost of conducting an asbestos survey will depend on whether the area being surveyed has already been inspected or not. A pre-inspected area will cost substantially less than one that needs to be inspected after a problem has been identified. The average cost for conducting surveys of occupied buildings is around 50 pounds per square metre.
Professional asbestos survey company companies offer a wide range of services to help with asbestos removal and disposal. They can often give expert advice and even provide free or low cost asbestos removal service. Some of these companies also provide support during the asbestos removal process. This is essential if asbestos has already damaged a property or other structure. Many companies can offer advice on asbestos disposal, including the safe way of disposing of waste that contains asbestos. It may be necessary to dispose of waste that has been contaminated with asbestos in order to comply with legal obligations.
When deciding what level of asbestos survey Birmingham you will want to carry out, you will need to consider both the owner’s insurance policy, and the level of asbestos contamination in the structure or property. If there is any doubt about the level of contamination then the surveyor must be able to advise you accordingly. However, most companies will usually quote one off-the-shelf levels of contamination, which should provide you with an indication as to how much contamination you would need to remove from the area.
Many companies offer asbestos surveys in both commercial and residential areas. In the commercial sector many companies will offer their services to all sectors of industries that use asbestos. However, residential surveyors will only normally offer their services to owners of residential properties. Surveyors may be employed by developers who have decided to undertake an asbestos removal procedure in order to make their property safer. In these cases they are often called upon by owners of apartments blocks with large quantities of asbestos. The surveys tend to be quite detailed and may last for several days.
As the survey cost will depend upon the size and type of asbestos used and the amount of space that needs to be surveyed, you may have to obtain written consent from any potential clients before drawing up the survey plan. In the case of an asbestos survey being carried out in a residential property, the company will generally require the property owner to agree in writing that they have read the information contained on the asbestos monitoring report and have consented to the inspection of their property. The majority of companies in Birmingham will normally negotiate a reasonable contract price with clients before beginning the survey. As with all contract negotiations it is essential that both parties are in full agreement with regards to the terms and conditions of the contract.

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