6 Questions to Ask When Choosing Longboard Trucks

Choosing longboard trucks can be a difficult process, especially if you are new to longboarding. There are so many different brands and types of longboard trucks available on the market that they can leave longboard trucks your head spinning.

This article will discuss 6 questions to ask when choosing longboard trucks, which should help you decide what type of longboard truck is right for you!

What is the longboard truck’s stance width?

The longboard truck’s stance width determines how much space there is between your foot and where the truck’s axle meets it. Therefore, if you want to go fast on a longboard, you need more toe clearance to kick out slides with ease!

How long is the longboard truck’s hanger?

The longboard truck’s hanger determines how high or low your axles are from the ground, and it also has to do with how tight or loses your turning radius will be, which affects what kind of manoeuvring you can perform on a longboard.

What is the longboard truck’s angle?

The longboard truck’s angle determines how steeply angled your axles are as well as the height of where your wheels will be about the ground. So if you want a more stable longboard, then trucks with steeper angles are for you!

Does the longboard truck have a high or low baseplate?

Its base plate determines the longboard truck’s height and if it has one at all! Generally, most trucks will come either pre-assembled with a deck or as an individual component purchased separately.

What longboard truck hanger width do I need?

The longboard truck hanger width determines how wide your axles are. Therefore, if you want a more stable longboard, you should choose longboards trucks with wider axles!

Do the longboard trucks have kingpin or ball bearings?

Kingpins give you a much better turning radius and control over your board, while ball bearings enable smoother slides that last longer. Still, they typically cost significantly more than standard kingpins.

I hope this article helped with your decision!

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