Online Dating Photography: Learn How the Professional Photographer Stands Out From the Crowd

Almost everybody you know either is online dating (if they even know they are) or at least is aware of someone who is. The number of individuals using dating online right now is staggering. But did you know that according to the recent Pew Internet Study over half of all the population is currently online dating photography? The question should be, how come nobody told me this?

I decided to use online dating photography to capture my relationship progress because I really wanted to see how my tastes and hobbies influenced my relationship. My family had never been very open about my personal tastes and habits, so when I began dating online this was a new opportunity for me. My photographer would get in touch with me after each session and take photographs that would then be sent to me in a series. The photographs showed a range of styles and moods throughout my relationship. This gave me a sense of insight into how I reacted to certain situations and enabled me to better understand why I had been making mistakes in the past.
The first photograph that I selected looked like a scene out of some kind of science fiction movie. I selected it because it showed a clear sign of affection for my girlfriend and it was rather cute. After my very first session, I started to think about what that meant about me. It made me look like a sensitive, caring, romantic person who had real feelings for someone. But I didn’t think that this necessarily improved my chances with girls. In fact, the opposite was true – it actually hurt me!
After sending many messages and asking her about various aspects of her life, I finally discovered one simple method that helped me see things from her point of view. Every time she sent me an online dating profile, she would make sure that her photographs included the best side of her personality. What I found was that her best sides were usually hidden behind her hair or behind her clothes. For me, looking at her face, body and hair made it obvious that she was confident and in control of her own emotional state.
After doing just this for a couple of months, I was suddenly super impressed by what I was seeing. The girls I was dating at the time weren’t necessarily the bold, confrontational types that you find in traditional photographs. Instead, they were delicate, petite women who held themselves with dignity and relied on their appearance and charm more than anything else. When I looked at the photographer who took these images, they had an air of confidence about them that I’ve never seen before and it was clear to me right from the get go that she was a talented and confident woman who could take beautiful images.
Now I wouldn’t go as far as to say that I completely transformed my views of her, but looking at her pictures from the very first few sessions, I did notice a change. At least, I could tell from her expression that she was taking the photos for a reason and that was to create a positive and flattering image of herself. Looking back now, I realize that the reason she was able to get in touch with so many clients over the years was because she had a knack for making people feel comfortable and at ease around her. In her case, that meant having an extremely good sense of photo manipulation skills, which is something every professional online photographer should have.

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