Is fear bad when it comes to survival situations?

In the survival blog, one of the main concerns is to try helping people to understand better has to be well prepared to face disasters and threats, but it has to be done without having to frighten them or add a lot of stress that is unnecessary in their lives. It is not good for companies that end up turning tragedy into a money minting opportunity, during every crisis there could always be dirt bags which attempt to exploit in the crisis.
But the sad thing is that, in the world, about 99 out of 100 people will refuse to do anything to be able to prepare themselves for real threats which are out there. The only time they seem to embrace action is when there is a crisis too close at home, and they are scared to act. When the crisis is over, the y go back into their old lives until the next panic strikes again.
Apparently there are some people who require some fear in order to act, but that could be unnecessarily something bad. At times fear might be a motivator, and in most situations, it can help in making people to act to help themselves as well as their loved ones out of harm.
Fear can be an ally that is powerful
fear is known to be a primal instinct which is there for a reason ad if you use it as a factor for motivation, instead of having it as a weight which drags you down, then you can take something which is usually believed to be an influence that is negative and turn it around to an ally that is quite powerful.

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