Information about the different types of shrooms available

 When we talk about mushrooms, we see that there are a number of different types of mushrooms available. Some of them are really toxic and the level of toxicity depends on the variety of wild mushroom you got. Some are extremely toxic and can cause failure of different organs leading to death and some will only cause a stomach-ache.

However, from the edible variety of mushrooms, it is worth noting that not all the mushrooms can be called as buy magic mushrooms as there are special genera which fall under this ambit. The genus psilocybehas a good number of species under it but all the species would not cause the same effect. If you are looking for the real magic mushroom, you should make sure that you have researched a lot about the different types of mushrooms because there are many people who commit mistake in the identification of the mushrooms even after having a good number of hands on experience in hunting these.

Variety of magic mushroom:
There are many varieties of mushrooms under this name, but the most common and typically available mushrooms are as under:

• Psilocybesemilanceata
• Psilocybecubensis
• Psilocybebaeocystis

Psilocybegenus is the most common of all the magic mushrooms and is available in abundance. You can easily identify this type of mushroom by looking at the shape and color. It is usually present with a reddish-brown cap and a white stem. The problem with this type of mushroom is that these are identical to some toxic mushrooms and for newbies it can be a little risky to hunt these mushrooms on their own.

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